Technical Arbitrator

Industry players and counter parties sometimes find themselves in a situation where they hold a widely differing set of views on technical matters based on their own experiences, natural expectations, understanding of the rules governing the situation or interpretations of the circumstances surrounding the issues in question. The disputed issues are often complex and would require deep understanding of the technical fundamentals, assessment of the situation causing the dispute and careful analysis of each party’s information, views and positions.

SMS Energy-Engineering has the experience and prowess to listen, organise, analyse and understand the root cause of the dispute. We can act as technical arbitrators and provide our clients with reliable, credible, and practical resolutions to settle their disputes in areas related to:

  - Engineering design and calculations

  - Contractual codes and standardss

  - Project costs and performance

  - EPC contracts

  - Commercial operation requirements

  - Environmental attributes

  - Matters in electricity markets with emphasis on Ontario