Owner's Engineer

Successful planning, development, construction, operation and maintenance of competitive power projects requires targeted knowledge of technical, technological, environmental, economic, financial, contractual, regulatory, and licencing issues. Generally speaking, when an engineering firm is retained as Owner’s Engineer, its team tend to focus on the technical and technological aspects of the power project while leaving other areas for others to look after. Not so, when a client retains SMS Energy-Engineering as Owner’s Engineer.

We firmly believe that absent a deep knowledge of commercial and contractual issues surrounding power projects, the strict technical experience of an owner engineer’s team doesn’t assure clients that they get the best business advice, which they rightly expect. This is what sets SMS Energy-Engineering apart. We are not just experienced in project technical areas; we also understand the complex business aspects of the power industry and the critical impact this has on a project’s success.

SMS Energy-Engineering (SMS) has extensive experience with virtually all widely used technologies in the power generation industry. We assist clients to minimize project development risks by providing advice critical to the development, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of power generation projects. We offer a full range of owner’s engineering and advisory services and are committed to finding for our clients, the most suitable options available for optimising the performance of their facility and delivering the most technically sound and financially successful project possible. Our commitment to our client’s success does not end with project feasibility and conceptual engineering; we often remain involved providing clients services from EPC award to operation, maintenance and management of a facility. This way we can assure our clients that the solutions we developed will ultimately realize the vision our clients have for high-performing, environmentally friendly and commercially successful operations.

Our broad range of owner’s engineering and advisory services include:

  - Planning and feasibility studies

  - Project Siting

  - Concept engineering and technical specifications

  - Coordination with local ISO's, RTO's and LDC's

  - Assistance in environmental permitting and licensing

  - Public Participation and Information

  - Project Cost and Schedule

  - Risk Management

  - Preparation of EPC documents

  - Review of EPC proposals and assistance in contract negotiation

  - Review of detailed engineering design

  - Construction management and monitoring

  - Assistance with start-up and performance testing

  - Review of operations and maintenance procedures

  - Staff Training

  - Operations and Management Support

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