About Us

SMS Energy-Engineering Inc. (“SMS”) is a leading Independent Engineering, Technical and Financial Advisor to the power generation industry across North America, South America and Asia. Founded in 1991, SMS has advised independent power producers, utility generators, government agencies, and project investors for over twenty years, on a broad range of technical, regulatory and economic matters related to clean and green power projects. Based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada we are entirely familiar with Independent Energy Service Operator (“IESO”) market structures and both fully regulated and full or partially open electricity markets. SMS has gained significant experience working on hundreds of power generation projects of all sizes, including some of the largest and most complex in the world. We have expertise in most technologies and fuels including natural gas, biomass, biogas, landfill gas, energy-from-waste, wind and solar. SMS is a trusted partner that can provide solutions that increase returns on investment and support our clients’ best interest.


Our Approach:

We understand that every project comes with unique circumstances and unique challenges. We have learned that only careful diagnoses and custom project planning will optimize solutions that target significant issues and meet or exceed client expectations for project success. At SMS, we listen to clients, we analyze situations drawing on our deep knowledge and experience and we think creatively. Technical and process innovation and a team approach that encourages imagination, creates an environment of confidence to challenge concepts, explore ideas and produce optimal solutions, many of which are unique to the project.


Our Strengths:

We know how to engineer power generation projects and we know how electricity markets work. Our real strength lies beyond this experience, in our energy business acumen, that provides a conservative context for investment decisions and cost advice while maintaining a constant appreciation for the importance of risk management. Power plants are long-term infrastructure investments that require forecasting power demand, regulatory change and the ever-increasing advance of technology. SMS has significant industry economic and financial experience and knows that building facilities that are robust and future-ready is essential to long-term success.


Our Value Proposition:

SMS has the resources and organizational flexibility to provide multi-disciplinary and collaborative solutions that are highly cost effective. Our senior engineers are Associates of the firm working under a project specific contractual arrangement. Most SMS senior professionals gained their skills and expertise while employed by some of the world’s largest engineering firms, performing assignments in design, construction and operation of power generation and cogeneration projects ranging in size from 4 to 2,000 MW. Mid-level engineers and junior staff compliment team efforts at economical rates. Our unique structure allows us to offer a broad and deep pool of world-class talent while giving us the ability to custom tailor a project team to your exact needs and budget.

SMS is committed to creating value for clients by providing services that match your scope of work exactly with the level and type of expertise required. We compliment this expertise with the most sophisticated industry engineering tools and software applications. Our services span a broad range of technical studies, preliminary engineering, preparation of EPC documents and independent engineer’s assignments.


Our Goal:

Earn every client’s respect.

SMS has long-standing relationships with clients throughout the world, built on years of delivering technical excellence and business advice that meets their highest expectations while developing protocols and communications that foster trust. We are committed to serving the best interests of each client, with advice that provides them upstream and downstream context and clear analysis, leading to sound technical and business decisions. Our professional integrity and honest opinions complement our power industry business acumen and high level of technical expertise, to give clients assurance and earn their respect.