Independent Engineer

Complex power generation projects can present significant risks to investors, owners, developers, insurers and lenders; however, project financing decisions can be made more confidently when based on sound economics, supported by accurate technical information concerning capital and O&M costs, conservative performance estimates for output and heat rate , and sound judgement with respect to regulatory and environmental parameters.

SMS Energy-Engineering helps clients minimize the risks associated with power generation and cogeneration projects. As an Independent Engineer we provide essential services, which assist clients in evaluating their investments and make sound business decisions regarding the acquisition, development, financing and operation of new or existing power generation projects. We Offer a full range of independent engineering services, our team provides objective professional assessments throughout the life of a project encompassing feasibility, due diligence, construction, start-up, testing and operation phases. Typically, we evaluate:

  - Civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical project design issues

  - Environmental studies, permits, and licencing

  - Project capital costs, operation and maintenance costs, soft costs

  - Project schedule and milestones

  - Project Development, construction, operation and maintenance Contracts

  - Project grid connection requirements

  - Fuel supply, transportation and distribution agreements

  - Water supply and discharge arrangements

  - Material disposal issues

  - Energy (Steam/Hot Water) agreements

  - Power supply and purchase agreements

  - Project Pro Formas

  - Financing arrangements

  - Construction and commissioning management practices

  - Start-up and project testing

We have reviewed many power projects all over the world, including power generation, cogeneration and desalination facilities. These projects cover a wide range of fuels and technologies that are commonly used in large, medium and small combined cycle, cogeneration, distributed generation and renewable energy projects.

In evaluating our clients’ projects, we do not focus on identifying problems and concerns; we give equal priority to developing and recommending technically practical and commercially sensitive solutions. Confidence enhanced negotiating positions, communicating complex facts and concerns in simple and straightforward method, and reduced technology risk are some of the major benefits our clients experience when they retain our firm.