Due Diligence Reviews

SMS Energy-Engineering operates in several jurisdictions around the world. In some jurisdictions the electricity sector remains fully regulated while in others it has been dre-regulated to varying degrees, such that free organised markets have generally taken hold. While they all have some key elements in common, the facts remain that not all organised electrify power markets are built the same and the construct can be significantly different from one to the other. This mosaic of constructs and structures and most importantly the recent growth in the construction of power generation projects, particularly renewables, caused the need for third-party due diligence to grow tremendously in recent years and so did the need for experienced and trust worthy parties to perform such due diligence. And, this is where SMS Energy-Engineering comes in to offer a range of due diligence services.

In a fully regulated electricity sector, technical due diligence of a non-utility generation project may be required to fulfil specific purposes. For example, load retention incentive programs, domestic content, and public private partnership, all of which we have in-depth experience and knowledge that our clients can draw on.

In organised markets, where our extensive engineering and technical experience is combined with our deep understanding of the issues surrounding electricity markets, generation procurements processes, and conservation measures are integrated together to provide complete and through due diligence review services, which we offer for purposes such as third-party reviews, compliance reviews, financing, merger & acquisition and asset evaluation. We can offer:

  - Detail engineering review for quality and compliance

  - Civil, mechanical and electrical systems design audits

  - CAPEX and OPEX review

  - Review of project power output & heat rate forecast

  - Assessment of Commercial Operation requirements

  - utilities load displacement tariff review

  - Project audit and plant inspection

  - Strategic advice on Power Purchace Agreements

  - Advise on and preparation of generation procurement RFPs

  - Preparation of proposal documents in response to RFPs

  - Advice on electricity market integration and compliance